We work with founders to build their App-chain

At Layer Labs, we are the experts in App-Chain Acceleration and Venture Studio services. We provide end-to-end solutions for designing, launching, maintaining, and running app-chains, and we are committed to making this process as seamless as possible.

App-chains Ecosystem

The Problem

Technical Knowledge

Appchains are one of the most challenging technical structures for founders to launch and maintain which presents a large barrier to entry.


The Rollup-as-a-service market is fragmented and difficult to navigate with so many different providers offering different solutions.

Lack of Non-Technical Support

Current RaaS providers are focusing on the technical side of developing and maintaining app-chains, but there is no easy way for app-chain teams to handle governance, tokenomics, and other non-technical aspects of chain management.

What we do

We help with services not provided by RaaS

  • Tokenomics
  • Governance
  • Grants
    Smart Contract Auditing
    Raising Capital

Bring your App-Chain Idea to Life

We can guide you through designing and customizing your App-Chain to fit your specific use case.

Benefits building with us

Save time when building your App-chain

  • Custom solutions and advice to your
    unique needs from long term builders
  • Connect to our RaaS and other partners
    apart of the Alliance for support
  • Access to a one-stop-shop solution
    Reduced technical complexity of launching
    and designing an app-chain

Why build an App-chain?

App-Chains provide several benefits such as better scalability, transaction speed, user experience, value capture, and customizability.

Incubation Projects